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emerson_jakarah's Journal

Emerson Jakarah
14 April
External Services:
  • emerson_jakarah@livejournal.com
Real Name: Emerson Jakarah
Nickname: Emerson
Location: Mechanix
Age: 24
Marital Status:Single
Sex: Female
Occupation: Guard and works on ships

Emerson stands at 5'3, 115lbs, crimson red hair, that's worn in a pageboy style. She works as a guard on a ship. Greets people/passangers and touches their minds without them ever knowing it and finds out exactly who and what they are,plus their intentions.

She is tranined in hand to hand combat and martial arts.Her clothing depends on the job, when she is home and running around the city it's jeans, shirts and black jacket. On the job it could be those things or a uniform.

This name is for the roleplaying of Mechanix.

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